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At CupsCo we're big fans of two things.

Good times... and the Planet.


Fortunately, one no longer needs to come at the cost of the other.

We believe in environmental preservation and protection through retainability. 
Every time you pack a CupsCo cup, you’re helping keep a landfill free of one more thing it doesn’t need. 
Seems simple, but it’s a big deal. 

• BPA-Free, Pthalate-Free, Lead-Free • Dishwasher Safe • Lifetime Durability • Packable and Stackable •


10 Packs, Four Packs, Accessories...oh my!

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What Is Retainability

Retainability™   [ree-tay-nah-bil-ity]

Retainability is the capacity of a product to endure consistent reuse and perform its intended function(s) for at least a lifetime.

Retainability is a refined measure of quality in goods. While we may have coined the word Retainability, its underlying principles have been around for a long, long time.  Back in the preindustrial day, people either made their own finished goods or bought them from skilled craftsmen or merchants. Whether it was a leather saddle, a pair of boots, a wool blanket, or even a tin cup, most goods were built to last a lifetime.  Back then retainability was as much a necessity as it was a value.

When it comes to cups, only in the last century has society chosen disposability over retainability. It started with the paper Dixie cup in 1908, originally invented to avoid the spread of disease aboard railroad cars. Then came wax-coated, polystyrene, and even “compostable” plastic cups. While we no longer have to dip into communal water buckets, the disposable cup train keeps on chugging. 100 years ago single-use cups were for public health safety, and now it’s all about convenience. But at what cost to the planet, your drinking experience, and your health?

Now we have the power to resist single-use drinkware altogether. To buy a retainable stainless steel cup and use it for a lifetime. To carry it with us to use wherever single-use cups might otherwise be handed our way. Now we have the chance to drink retainably!