We can stop buying and throwing away all these cups?

We love going to parties, concerts, festivals, and backyard BBQs. These type of events usually have four things in common: music, friends, beverages, and lots and lots of single-use cups.

Whether it’s a house party of 30 or a festival of 30,000 - more often than not people go home leaving a huge number of disposable cups in their wake. For many years we, like many, simply accepted the mess and the waste as a necessary evil of these events.

The breaking point happened during a three day bachelor party with 17 friends. There was a fair amount of beer pong played each day and by the third day we had run out of cups. We had demolished 200 red cups in less than three days, and there was still more partying to be done. Desperate times called for desperate measures, so we dug through the trash. Sticky, smelly, and broken cups were all we could find. We were disgusted by all the waste we had created. That’s when the light bulb went on, "We should make reusable beer pong sets so we can stop buying and throwing away all these cups.

Our quest to create a high quality reusable beer pong set began. Then we realized that the high quality stainless steel cup we designed could be used in countless other settings where one would otherwise drink from single-use cups. Our stainless steel cup quickly became a drinking partner for life.


The Cupsco Team